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Where can I find ingredient and allergy information?

All of mealsforkids products ingredient and allergy information are provided to the school and should be available through the school for the parents. Since our menus vary from school to school, it is best to contact the school directly to compare the items with their product specification sheets which include the ingredients and allergen information. We do our best to keep our products constant, but instances do arise when we need to substitute our products because of vendor shortages. It is important to note that the best way to obtain accurate information about our products would be the actual labels on the cases of the product at the schools.

My child can’t drink milk, is there another option?

The National School Meal Program requires milk to be served as part of every meal, however, if you submit a doctor’s note to your child’s school, they may be able to make a substitution.  In addition, the school allows access to water at all meals per NSLP regulations.  If you have further questions about accommodating a milk allergy contact the staff at your school for further guidance.

Are these meals healthy? Do meals served follow certain nutritional regulations?

Almost all of the schools that we provide meals to participate in the USDA’s National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) to receive funding for the meals served to students.  Different levels of reimbursement are provided depending on a student’s eligibility for a Free, Reduced-Price or Paid meal which is determined at the school by application.

In order to receive funding, schools must follow strict requirements including limitations on Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Calories and Sodium.  In addition, lunches served each day must include required amounts of Protein, Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables and Milk.  A variety of vegetables from certain subgroups including Dark Green Leafy, Red/Orange and Legumes (dried peas and beans) are required each week.

Daily breakfast requirements include two servings of Grains, Fruit and Milk.  Protein may be substituted occasionally for one of the grains at breakfast.  For more information on school meal programs, visit:

With items like pizza, chicken nuggets and hotdogs, how can your meals be healthy?

Even though our menu items may sound like the popular restaurant versions, they are very different.  Our meals are specially formulated to be lower in fat, sodium and sugar and higher in fiber to be in compliance with federal regulations for school meals.  We use lean protein, low fat cheeses and all of our grains are whole grain rich.  Because fat, sodium and sugar are some of the ingredients that are used in restaurants, and even at home to make food taste good, students may not be accustomed to the taste.  So, when you see pizza on the menu, it’s not your typical pizzeria pizza.  Our version has a whole grain crust, ¼ cup of red/orange vegetable and low-fat cheese.  Our nuggets, chicken products and “fries” are baked, not fried and all breading is whole grain.  Our hot dogs are made with lean beef, chicken and turkey and served on a whole grain bun.  And all entrees are served with fruit, vegetables and low-fat milk.

It will take some time for students to get used to the taste of these meals.  Encouragement from home and school will help students learn to make healthier choices.

Do your meals contain pork?

No. All Meals for Kids meals are free of pork. Items that are typically made with pork like sausages, ham and pepperoni are made with Turkey or Beef on our menus.

Why doesn’t the nutrition information on the milk carton match the nutrition report on the menu website?

Nutrition information and menus are planned using a blended estimate of milk choices served in schools. For individual milk nutrients consult actual labels on cartons served at the school.

How do I pay for my kids meals or sign up for meals?

All payments and student accounts are maintained directly through the school.  Please contact your school office or school foodservice staff for payment options.

I can’t find my school on the website.

If you are having difficulty accessing your school on, please let us know by writing us at Please include the name of your school and district and the state where it is located.  We will get back to you with instructions for locating your school’s menu.

I have a different problem with the website.

If you are experiencing a problem with our website, please describe the problem in an email to Let us know the name of your school, district, and the state where it is located.  We will get back to you with a resolution to the issue.


How do I view my kids school menu?

You can view the menu at our website by clicking on the menu button located at the top right corner of the home page or by clicking on this link . You can also contact your child’s school to view the menu.  

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