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Rebecca Olson, Program Directer,

D.Scott Hudgens Early Education Center at Gwinnett Technical College. 

As the Director, I know quality food service is critical to the functioning and reputation of the Center. Meals for Kids significantly contributes to the quality of our program by providing a variety of meals that the children enjoy. Their menus are diverse and the food is always presented well.  The service they provide is consistently great.

Fox Recovery Center

As per the wonderful folks seving at our eatery, we, the Clients of Fox Recovery would like to take this time to express our gratitude for all you’ve done to make our stay here very heartfelt.

GPC Foundation

Thanks so much for the excellent breakfast this year. Folks were impressed and a lot of positive comments were spoken in reference to the offersings and quality.  

Fox Recovery Center

In Community meeting on Monday the clients were complimenting the food in the cafeteria. They particularly loved the meal they had on Christmas. Thank you to you and your team for all that you do!                                              

Crossroads Christian Academy

Meals for kids Offered Crossroads Christian Academy

This meal delivery program includes nutritions

hot/cold lunches. The menus keep on changing to

ensure that we are maximizing variety on the plate. This meal program exceeds the standards set by USDA and all menus are approved by a registered dietitian.

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